About Me

Master of Arts in Religious Studies

Restoration and Soul Link ™certified

Certified Master Hypnotherapist (NATH)

Certified NLP therapist

Certified Dream Teacher, Robert Moss School of Dreams

Certified Energy Healing, White Cloud Institute

Certified Body Centered Therapist, Cia Ricco’s Living As If Your Life Depended On It

Ordained Minister

All the degrees and certifications attest of my credentials as a healer and tell nothing of my motivations to be an energy healer. My interest in healing started with my own emotional healing. As I was finding more and more about healing and emotions, I came to understand that all of us are connected by our desire to be loved and to love. And it is this capacity to love and the understanding that we are loved that I want to share with my clients and empower them to feel loved wherever they are in their life.

I am a powerful and compassionate woman, mother, and healer, who walks through nature and dreams, surrounding herself with beauty, while touching others and helping them to heal in the still quiet spaces of the heart.