Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation during which the person can access the unconscious bypassing the conscious mind.  This state of deep relaxation is different from sleep. Sleep state is when the brain waves are theta and beta. The brain wave pattern for hypnotized state is alpha, the same pattern as in a meditative state.

Our behaviors and beliefs are driven by the subconscious mind. When our hand gets close to a source of heat, we withdraw the hand immediately without analyzing the situation. We have learned a long time ago that fire is dangerous and we have registered this information in the subconscious mind. Many of our behaviors are like the reaction to heat. The subconscious of a smoker may have learned that smoking is cool or that smoking helps to relax. The conscious mind knows that the information is erroneous.  Since our behaviors are driven by the subconscious mind, the conscious mind cannot succeed into convincing the person to stop smoking.  During a hypnotized state, we have access to the subconscious mind and we can modify the information bringing a positive change of behavior.

Hypnosis is always self-hypnosis. The voice of the hypnotherapist supports the client to a state of deep relaxation. The client is always in control of the situation contrary to what stage hypnotist would like us to believe.  If a person does not want to be hypnotized, the person will not be hypnotized.

Hypnosis has many applications:

- Change of behavior

- Change of beliefs, when these beliefs are detrimental for the person

- Release of emotions embedded in the subconscious mind

- Relief from pains caused by stress

- Access to knowledge and imagination


Childhood Regression

When traumas happen during childhood, especially before 7 year old, the memories are often buried deep. The emotions and feelings are too painful for the child to be able to process what happened. The way of surviving the painful events is to push away these emotions and feelings. However these emotions and feelings have an impact on the behavior of the person and on his or her beliefs about life.  When the person is ready to process these emotions the memories may have been buried so deep and for so long that the conscious mind cannot access them. During a state of deep relaxation the person can find these memories in the subconscious and starts the healing process.

Childhood regression is also a wonderful way to reconnect with the inner child. The inner child is always there and yet he or she may have been in hiding because he or she did not feel safe. During hypnosis, the person can explain to the inner child that he or she is safe. The moment when a person brings the inner child out of hiding and reconnects with his or her inner child is always very moving filled with unconditional love. 


Past Life Regression

Did we experience life before the one we are presently living? There are a lot of evidences that yes indeed we have lived before. Many religions believe that we are a re-incarnation of a person from a previous life. Dr Brain Weiss has made numerous past live regressions with patients and had great success in helping his patients heal past life wounds. The skeptics think that the past life story is a result of the imagination and of the desires of the person to have lived in that time period or in that country or to have the life of a celebrity.  And then there is the DNA theory: the same way the person got blue eyes from and ancestor, the person may have received memories from an ancestor.

From a healing point of view, the fact that past lives are real or not is of very little importance. If we believe that the past life is the fruit of the imagination, we can still process the events and the emotions and feelings attached to the events.  The subconscious may use the route of past life to bring awareness of emotions and feelings that need to be resolved. The work will be similar to dream work.  If the past life is real, the healing process is similar with the added bonus that noteworthy information about talents or abilities may be discovered. Past life regressions are valuable tools for healing purposes.


Life Between Lives Regression (LBL)

If we believe that past lives are real, then the question is where does the soul go between lives and what are the benefits to explore the period between lives. LBL are useful to find the reason the person chose to re-incarnate in this particular life, to understand the events that are taking place in his or her life.

Martine Naar is a master hypnotherapist and is certified to safely regress clients for Life Between Lives.