Soul Link™

Soul Link™ is a healing technique developed by Gary Sinclair to either neutralize a negative emotion or enhance a positive feeling. Soul Link ™ is a very simple process using energetic connectivity of the hands and only of the hands. Soul Link ™ can be done oneself or somebody else.

After a peer review of the process from September 2015 to January 2016, the International Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine published an article describing how Soul Link ™ has been proven to be 95% effective on negative emotions and feelings. ( 00058.pdf) 

A memory can be described as an energy held in some form of containment. What Soul Link does, is to blow off the containment allowing the feelings to be neutralized as the mind reframes the memory. Soul Link™ works miracles on PTSD and other severe traumatic memories. Already thousands of people have been experiencing relief and can go on with their life without reliving these painful memories again and again.

Martine Naar is certified to teach Soul Link ™ to individuals and to groups up to 5 persons.