Energy Healing and Restoration

What Is Energy Healing?

Living life means experiencing trauma and pains. We often bury the negative feelings and pretend to have forgotten the painful events. However, from the work of Doctor Candice Perth and Doctor Bruce Lipton, we know that emotions and feelings live in every cell of our body. The feelings we thought were forgotten live in the body and the soul. Without us realizing it, the integrity of our energy field has been compromised. As a consequence we feel stuck, unbalanced. We are often confused by our sudden reactions to simple situations. The buried feelings have festered and can come up when we least expect it. We thought the emotions had disappeared when they were always there, stored in the soul and in the body, blocking the natural flow of energy. We can restore the balance of the body and soul with energy healing.


Energy healing is a non-invasive method of healing using a variety of therapeutic techniques to clear and repair the body energy field. Some of these techniques are from body-centered therapy pioneered by Rob Kurtz, Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, and Cia Ricco. Some are from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and guided meditations.

With energy healing, the natural balance of the energy field, body and soul, is restored. Joy and health are experienced again.


What Is Restoration And What Can Restoration Do For You?

Restoration is an energy healing process developed by Gary Sinclair. During a two day workshop, you experience healing at the chore and feel whole again. You are taught healing techniques like Soul Link ™ and you experiment with them. After Restoration you look at yourself in a mirror and you are able to say to yourself: “I LOVE YOU”, seeing the person you always wanted to be. The fears, the sadness, the anguish, the anger, the frustration are gone letting the beauty of your soul to shine. The healing techniques like Soul Link™ that you have learned during Restoration can be used whenever you feel that your energy field is disrupted. From then on you will be in charge of your life.


Are you ready?