-       I felt protected through the whole healing process, through the pains and the joys. I highly recommend Martine for guided meditations and healings. Margaret


-        I felt safe to cry in front of other people during group healing sessions. This was an enormous step for me and I will always be grateful. Sandy


-       The experience was priceless. I will always be grateful. Janice


-       Martine provided a safe environment to explore past memories and find healing.  Dawn


-       The journey on which Martine took me has allowed me to heal on so many levels. Thank you


-       I did not know what Restoration would be and what to expect. After the two days, I understood why it was called restoration and I did feel like a new person. Plus I have now the tools to stay where I always wanted to be.  Steve


-       To hold my inner child in my arms and to tell her how much I love her was an incredible experience, a very healing moment for me. Laura